School Counsellor

Al Yasmina Academy has a full time dedicated School Counsellor available to all students to help talk through any issues which may be of concern. Working with our Counsellor allows the students to communicate in a relaxing unbiased, comfortable and SAFE environment. The students don’t have to worry about others feelings and are provided with an expert whose skills will assist them with any issue(s) being faced..

People come to counselling for many reasons. There is no right or wrong and no issue too big or too small! The most important aspect is that they are comfortable and ready to improve things in regards to their situation. Nothing is forced and they are in charge of what direction the therapy takes.

Students can see Ms Costello after being referred by school staff or can self-refer if they are in Year 10 or above. Students in the primary years and up to Year 9 require parental consent. Referral to the School Counsellor is usually made only after a range of strategies have been put in place by staff to assist students. Ms Costello typically sees students who are having difficulties at home or at school. Students may want to discuss issues such as settling in, bullying, grief or loss, exam pressure, parents separating or issues around moving to another country or school. Group sessions can also be organised for students who are facing similar problems.

Specific strategies are provided, giving students skills to deal with issues such as anger management, stress or helping to build social skills. All information shared with the Counsellor is private and will be treated as confidential with the following exceptions: if permission is given by the student to communicate with someone else; or in the Counsellor’s professional opinion, there is a potential risk to the student or to others.

Ms Costello will also be running a host of future courses for students, teachers and parents such as, Relaxation, Mindful Minutes, Peer coaching and Parent drop-in. Keep a look out for these throughout the upcoming year.