Admin Procedures

Late to school
Students who are late to school must register at reception where they will be given a late slip to take to class. Students must adhere to this procedure as students must be accounted for should an emergency situation arise.
Absent from school
If a student is absent from school, please contact on the first day of the student's absence, before 7.45am. An absence of more than two days will require a doctor’s certificate. It is our policy to send a text message to parents of students who have not attended registration and who have not notified the school of their child's absence.
Poor attendance
Any student whose attendance falls below 92% without a valid reason will receive a warning letter. Any student with less than 85% attendance will receive a letter home and parents will be invited into school.
Requests to leave school during the day
Taking students out of school for appointments is discouraged. However, if there is no alternative and your child has a medical appointment please place a note in your child’s planner so they can show their Learning Mentor and subject teacher. Your child will need to sign out at reception before leaving the school.
Early collection
Early collection from school should be avoided wherever possible and all appointments should be made outside of school hours. If this is not possible please inform the school in advance and support your request with the relevant appointment card or letter.
If parents are collecting their children early they must complete an “early pick up form” at reception.
Taking holidays in term time
Taking holidays in term time is not encouraged. Requests for holidays in term time for Years 10– 13 will not be authorised. If you intend to withdraw your child from school for a period of time please notify the school in writing, in advance.

Time out of school Authorised by
Less than 4 days Year Leader
5 – 10 days Assistant Principal
10+ days Principal