Education is full of acronyms. We've made a concerted effort on this website to exclude them - or if they are used, to say what they mean. In your wider reading you will come across lots of acronyms, so here's our guide to deciphering them.

ACTL Assistant Curriculum Team Leader
ADEC Abu Dhabi Education Council
A4L Assessment for Learning
AGT Able, Gifted and Talented
A/S Advanced Subsidiary
B4L Behaviour for Learning
BTEC Business, Technology and Education Council
CTL Curriculum Team Leader
DOE Duke of Edinburgh
DT Design Technology
EAL English as Additional Language
ECA Extra Curricular Activity
EYFS Early Years Foundation Stage
GCE General Certificate of Education
GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education
HOS Head of Secondary
IMS Instrumental Music Service
ICT Information Communication Technology
LM Learning Mentor
LSA Learning Support Assistant
L & PL Learning & Progress Leader
MG Mentor Group
PE Physical Education
PIM Parent Information Meeting
PTC Parent Teacher Consultation
P16 Post-16 (Year 12 & 13)
PSHCEE Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship & Economic Education
TT Timetable
SSS Supported Self Study
SLT Senior Leadership Team
Strategic Leadership Team
SPLD Specific Learning Difficulty
Speech & Language Difficulty
YL Year Leader